Field Report: Clans

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Was ist die Field Report Serie?

Die Field Report Serie beschreibt die militärischen Zustände der Häuser nach der Eroberung Terras durch die Allianz und ist 3079 angesiedelt. Es gibt kurze Abrisse der Entwicklungen vom Beginn des Jihads bis 3079.

Wird es die PDFs als gedrucktes Buch geben?

Die Field Report Serie wird nicht als gedrucktes Buch erscheinen, allerdings ist Field Manual: 3085 als gedrucktes Buch angekündigt und wird weitere Fortschritte bis 3085 beschreiben.

Was kostet das PDF?

Field Report: Clans kostet 4,95$ und damit umgerechnet etwa 3,70€, je nach Dollarkurs.

Aus dem Text von CGL:

Over ten years ago, as the second Star League died, the Word of Blake unleashed its wrath against the combined realms of the Inner Sphere and the Clans. Using every weapon in their arsenal, from strategic misdirection and the exposure of state secrets, to biological, nuclear, and chemical attacks, the Word’s war struck every power where it hurt most. Factories were razed, capitals fell, and loyalties were shattered.

But eventually, the leaders of the Inner Sphere’s ancient warring factions recognized the true threat, and united behind a bold new freedom fighter to bring down the Word of Blake’s bastion of power: Terra. Though the war still rages on, and the Blakists’ Master yet lives, the followers of Devlin Stone know all too well that victory today may only pave the way for the wars of tomorrow.

Field Report: Clans describes the state of the various Clan factions now based in the Inner Sphere following the events described in Jihad Hot Spots: Terra, including the overall military and logistical condition of the Clans that now claim many worlds and regions across of the war-ravaged Inner Sphere. Emerging from their own secret conflicts, battered by Word of Blake actions, and struggling to find their way in a hostile Sphere, far from their Homeworlds, these lost children of Kerensky now face a strange new era in the wake of one of mankind’s most savage wars…

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Field Report: Clans
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