MegaMek 0.47.15

Zuletzt aktualisiert am 17. Dezember 2020 von DarkISI

Bei 0.47.15 handelt es sich um den ersten Release Candidate für 0.48.0, also eine mögliche neue Stable.  Wenn dieser Schritt genommen ist, dann wird die neue Developmentversion 0.49 auf Java 11 wechseln, was für euch bedeutet, dass ihr Java aktualisieren müsst.

MegaMek Changelog

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+ Pr #2458: When loading saved games, drop down box allows selecting of player names present in game
+ Issue #1449: Zweihander SPA incorrectly applies critical damage
+ PR #2402: Upgrade to XStream 1.4.14 (Removes warning about illegal reflective operation)
+ Issue #2398: Final position of vehicle after skid (and fall) reported in Round Report but not applied to unit
+ Issue #1803: Configure view changes Clan unit BV due to AmmoType switching
+ Issue #2302: fix Map Size in lobby when decreasing map size
+ Issue #2169: Harjel in head
+ PR #2412: Fix armor BV calculation for SV BAR armor
+ Issue #2415: Fix Client Settings truncating certain FOV alpha values on Save/Load
+ Issue #2424: Changing ammo type on one-shot weapons no longer secretly sets their ammo count to 1 ton’s worth of ammo
+ Data: IS Tag restricted from Aerospace Fighters.
+ PR #2433: Fix for weird edge case where a collapsed building would remain on the board.
+ Issue #2426: Old language for double heat sinks in mtfs no longer read by Megamek
+ Issue #2309: Tanks no longer display as damaged when in pristine condition but have had MP reduced by non-damaging conditions (e.g. gravity, temperature)
+ Issue #2430: NPE in doEntityDisplacement
+ PR #2444: Improve MtfFile parsing performance
+ PR #2445: Defensive BV for HarJel III should be -1
+ Issue #2348: Added option to output game summary images during various phases
+ Issue #2413: Improve „Darken hexes outside field of view“
+ Issue #2078: Ignore weapon groups when counting equipment
+ Issues #2405 #2399: Fix scroll wheel oddities
+ PR #2461: Allow LBX autocannons to swap between cluster and solid ammo again
+ Issue #2095: Lineholder I/Machine Gun Array Battle Value Issue
+ PR #2464: LAM BV heat efficiency
+ Issue #2465: Ensure immobility takes into account the crew only when applicable
+ PR #2474: Fix game freeze when removing last unit during deployment phase with lance movement for that unit type turned on
+ PR #2469: BV weapon heat
+ PR #2476: Vehicle BV fixes
+ Issue #2473: Only last player to connect can deploy minefields
+ Data: Updating Level 1 Foliage and Clan Invasion Boxset Maps.
+ Issue #2431: Player units not making PSRs for exceeding normal MP in low gravity
+ Issue #2447: Bridge elevation bugs – charging from bridge & reversing from bridge
+ Issue #2450: Aerospace unit crash damage incorrect at velocity 0
+ Data: Overhaul of units, fixes to names, quirks, roles, and crit placements as a result of the Tukkayid books.
+ Issue #2453: Changing BA Ammo Selects Invalid Quantity
+ Issue #2493: Prevent players from firing hidden units‘ weapons without revealing them
+ PR #2494: Fix protomech myomer booster BV calculation
+ PR #2495: Use fastest movement mode to calculate infantry BV speed factor
+ Issue #2498: Prevent leakage of information about hidden unit positions via right-clicking
+ PR #2490: Add machine gun (regular, light, and heavy) and nail/rivet ammo types to the compatible list
+ PR #2482: Update Equipment Extended Database CSV file format for errata team
+ Issue #2497: Setting hidden units to activate during movement phase allows them to move during said movement phase
+ PR #2480: Fix loading transported units in MULs
+ Data: New Sprites
+ Data Fixes: #2492, #2485, #2437, #2429
+ PR #2509: AbstractIcon: Improving Null Protection

MegaMekLab Changelog

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+ PR #832: Switch to EquipmentType::equals for AmmoType, etc
+ Issue #830: Older primitive small craft get more fuel than newer ones
+ Issue #840: Patchwork Armor on VTOL rotor incorrectly flagged as invalid
+ Issue #841: Superheavy patchwork armor crits
+ Issue #842: Double heatsinks incorrectly switching between Clan and IS versions
+ Issue #844: Talons not handled correctly for superheavies or tripods

MekHQ Changelog:

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+ Issue #2166: NRE in Money::plus/Money::minus
+ PR #2224: Add some basic Refit tests and fix an Armor location bug calculating armor during a refit
+ PR #2241: Fix bug where PartsStore may list INT_MAX as cost and tons for BA ammo
+ Fixing Male Soldier and Female ProtoMech Pilot Portrait Paths so they properly generate
+ Issue #2236: Making Unmaintained hangar color take priority over Damaged/Inoperable
+ Issue #2248: Fix various ContractMarket exceptions when operating at the bounds of MekHQ data
+ PR #2250: Fixing Load Last Save for .cpnx.gz files
+ Issue #1880: Fixed briefing text error for breakthrough (defender) scenarios
+ Issue #2231: Don’t give back free parts when fixing a missing part
+ Issue #2254: Ransomed Unit now properly adds to Total Value Salvaged
+ Issues #2255 and #2258: Fix Warehouse::removePart StackOverflowException with child parts and NRE with BayDoor/Cubicle parts
+ PR #2259: Adding Pregnancy Complications Personnel Status
+ PR #2261: Improved Awards Migration
+ PR #2271: Improve CPNX load perf with transport linkages in AtB scenarios
+ PR #2272: Ensure GM Acquire Instantly acquires the correct quantity
+ PR #2274: When loading Campaigns ensure more exceptions are caught and logged properly
+ Issue #2278: Ensure skill prefs are saved to the campaign on creation
+ Issues #1151, 1219, 1687, 1807, 2142, 2243, 2253, 2267, 2268, 2276: Refactor adding and removing ammo from the Campaign
+ Issue #2280: GM Restore skips parts
+ PR #2286: Don’t reload unit data if nothing changed on disk when reading Campaigns
+ Issue #2287: Prisoner Filter Should Include Bondsmen
+ Issue #2141: Subcontracts don’t reference parent contract after campaign load
+ Issue #1587: Basic Bulk Customization
+ Issue #2200: Moving Rank System Name to Data

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