Battlechat 18. Mai – Teil 1

BattlechatDer erste Battlechat des Tages. Wie gewohnt, sauber sortiert, damit ihr ihn besser lesen könnt. Viel Spaß 🙂


[18:01] <@Habeas2> Welcome to another exciting monthly BattleChat day. This is the first chat of the day. CHat runs 1 hour, after which I gotta run an errand, so let’s begin. (Usual rules apply. If you don’t know them…. you’re on your own.)
[18:02] <@Habeas2> That said, floor’s open to questions. Welcome one and all!


[18:02] On the GenCon event schedule, there’s a listing for this: „Play in the conclusion of this year’s story arc featuring the Fall of Terra: a massive fracas finds the Republic challenged by Alaric Ward and his Clan Wolf forces.“ Will that event include preview Record Sheets for some of the new Wolf Empire and Republic of the Sphere units from TRO:3145?
[18:03] Or to be more specific, the PDF releases for TRO:3145 Clans and Republic.
[18:05] <@Habeas2> Nerroth – Yes. Or at least, it should. As long as it doesn’t get hung up in the concurrent production of the TRO itself.
[18:05] Are there any units in particular that one might expect to see, like the Warwolf or one of the Colossi; or is that still to be decided?
[18:07] <@Habeas2> Nerroth – Again, most likely, but cannot guarantee it absolutely.
[18:10] <@Habeas2> Nerroth – Still to be decided. One key factor we need to consider is that we’d need miniatures for said units ready in time for GenCon. That’s really iffy.

[18:04] What news is there about Gencon that you feel fit to share?
[18:07] <@Habeas2> JimdiGriz – GenCon will be in August. We have a big table evnt going on. Shadowrun is gonna have a lot of product, and maybe BattleTech will too. 😉

[18:59] One last question for now: Will the outcome of the „Fall of Terra“ event at GenCon have an impact on the storyline to be presented in the ilClan sourcebook?
[19:00] <@Habeas2> Nerroth – Yup. „Battlechat 18. Mai – Teil 1“ weiterlesen

Battlechat 16. März 2013 – Teil 2

BattlechatUnd jetzt gibt es auch den zweiten Chat. Viel Spaß damit.
[01:02] <@Habeas2> Welcome to the second BattleChat of the Third BattleChat Day
[01:02] <@Habeas2> 2013
[01:03] <@Habeas2> The standard rules and comments for these chats apply: Be courteous, and I’ll answer questions to the fullest of my ability in the order they appear. Don’t be courteous, and I boot your asses out of here.
[01:03] <@Habeas2> Logging’s entirely up to you, because I won’t do it.
[01:04] <@Habeas2> That said….let us begin
In-Character Chat:
[01:03] <MikeCJ> Are we ever going to get another „in-character“ chat?
[01:04] <@Habeas2> MikeCJ – Sure we will. Just no idea when. „Battlechat 16. März 2013 – Teil 2“ weiterlesen

Battlechat 16. März 2013 – Teil 1

BattlechatIch habe mich mit der Uhrzeit wohl diesmal etwas vertan, er startete bereits um 17 Uhr, dann kam es aber zu Verzögerungen aufgrund eines Stromausfalls bei Herb und der Chat ging erst gegen 17:30 wirklich los. Ich war aber ebenfalls zu spät, jedoch wurden mir die verpassten Minuten dann rübergeschickt. Das Log ist also vollständig 🙂

Wichtig: Der zweite Chat findet damit um 1 statt, nicht um 2! „Battlechat 16. März 2013 – Teil 1“ weiterlesen

Battlechat 26. Januar 2013 (Teil 2)

BattlechatBeim zweiten Battlechat war ich diesmal anwesend, was bedeutet: Wir haben wieder ein schön sortiertes Log. Viel Spaß damit.

[02:01] <@Habeas2> Hi.
[02:01] <Steve_Restless> evenin.
[02:01] Hi Herb
[02:01] Hello
[02:01] <@Habeas2> Welcome to the second chat of the first Live BattleChat day of 2013.
[02:01] good evening
[02:01] <@Habeas2> Rules remains the same> Be nice or be kicked. Give everyone a chance to speak. Log at your own recognizance. Have fun.
[02:02] <@Habeas2> Floor’s open, Fire when ready.
[02:02] Hello, and happy new year. „Battlechat 26. Januar 2013 (Teil 2)“ weiterlesen